S’porean Twitter user triggered by Xiaxue’s ISIS makeup tutorial

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By Mandy How | August 4, 2017

Internet person Xiaxue re-created the makeup look adopted by an ISIS militant trying to escape Mosul while cross-dressing as a woman, following the capture of the once-ISIS-held city.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of both their final look:

An uncanny resemblance.

As expected, other people on the Internet were not happy with that.

Twitter user @SirAfiqah, however, was angry enough to explain in a longish thread what the issue was, exactly (summary below):

In case you can’t see it, here are screenshots from the entire thread:

What the tweets were about

In summary, she was unhappy with the way Xiaxue wore the headscarf and thick facial hair.

To @SirAfiqah, such forms of “Muslim visibility” make Singaporeans uncomfortable, and are already stereotypically associated with violence and terrorism. Xiaxue’s video is therefore Islamophobic and exacerbates religious tension.

The issue with the issue

@SirAfiqah’s argument appears to be premised on the idea that Singaporeans are “uncomfortable” with people who have beards and headscarves, and as a corollary, inadvertently links Muslims and ISIS terrorists.

While she acknowledges that the focus of the original piece of news was the terrorist’s laughable disguise, she misses the point that Xiaxue was, in all likelihood, focused on the same.

For those who have not watched the video, Xiaxue made no mention of religion, but instead mocked the terrorist for his grossly inaccurate portrayal of femininity — Muslim, or otherwise.

There is, however, no denying that Muslims around the world struggle with social stigma due to the doings of extremists, but it is safe to say that the point of Xiaxue’s video was not to perpetuate such ill-informed sensibilities.


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