PM Lee Facebook uses ‘They protect, They attack’ meme in NDP 2017 montage

Whoever did this is the chosen memer.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | August 10, 2017

PM Lee really aced his post-NDP social media game.

Whether it be the six-frame Instagram post from his official Instagram account:

Followed up with this nice little dad joke on Facebook:

In case you can’t read the caption:

“As part of our tribute to #NS50, all NSmen past and present at the parade stood to receive a salute in recognition of their service. I think some future NSmen were a little too enthusiastic! :)”

Which is all nice and mainstream, but hidden within that NDP photo album was a dank meme of the highest degree.

Here it is:

This is what it says.

“They protect, they attack. Most importantly in crises, Singapore’s defenders have our back.”

Which sounds innocent enough until you realise, it’s an evolution of this.

The meme has evolved in it’s usage over social media, but the basic formula remains roughly the same.

1. He protec
2. He attac
3. But most importantly, he (something that rhymes with attac)

For example:

The usage has already attracted the meme savvy crowd:

Sadly, it’s probably not the PM himself who is a dank meme connoisseur, but one of his media team.

You can tell, because he didn’t sign off on the post. If he did, it is a sign that he wrote the post himself.

Still it’s nice to know we are protecc-ted.

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