Halal prawn mee in Toa Payoh has everyone raving about it, you can probably see why

Very hae-pening among foodies.

Joshua Lee| July 27, 04:40 PM

Muslim foodies are increasingly finding a wider food selection as more halal eateries spring up. One of them is Deanna's Kitchen, which serves halal prawn noodles.

The eatery was opened by husband and wife, Asri Ramli and Denise Chew in early June 2017.

When Denise married into Asri's family and converted to Islam, she needed to find a way to make her favourite hae mee (prawn noodles) using halal ingredients. After much experimentation, she finally achieved a dish of halal prawn noodles which has everyone raving.

So how does a traditionally Hokkien dish, which uses pork bones for its broth, become tweaked for Muslim customers?

In place of pork bones, Chew uses prawn shells, anchovies, and dried shrimps and boil them for more than three hours. The broth is also seasoned with soy sauce and fried shallots.


Customers can also opt for prawn noodles with added clams ($6.50) , crayfish ($12.50), and even one whole lobster ($28.50).

Prawn noodles with clam


Prawn noodles with crayfish.


Prawn noodles with lobster.

If you're in a sharing mood, there's also a 2-3 pax meal ($38.50):


Deanna's Kitchen has also received positive reviews in print and online, especially for their broth:

Deanna's Kitchen: Blk 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh #02-25, Singapore 310127

Opening hours: Wednesdays - Fridays (10am - 8pm), Saturdays (9am - 8pm), Sundays (9am - 2pm)

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All images via Deanna's Kitchen Facebook page.