The Kiasi guide to surviving a mass attack of any kind

Common sense tips for these uncommon times

Sponsored | Jonathan Lim | July 26, 2017, 06:45 PM

We are living in a time where the authorities are saying that it is a matter of not if but when a terror attack occurs in Singapore. Like that lor.

While you can choose to hide in a cocoon of denial, the better way is to prep yourself. Here’s how:

1. Run

Don’t do this:

Think of terrorists like the T-rex in Jurassic Park - will negotiating or surrendering do you any good? And no, throwing a flare hoping to distract the terrorist is a stupid idea.

Don’t do this either:

You want to take down a terrorist with what? Your EZ-Link card ah? Or your foldable umbrella?

And if you’re thinking of sneaking up on a terrorist, check this out:

Do this instead:

People who’ve heard of the 36 Stratagems must surely know the most popular stratagem, the 36th one - 三十六计走为上计 - or “Retreat/Leaving is the superior strategy”.

While you may think that there is no glory in running, there is hardly any glory when you’re dead either.

Retreating from the scene of danger is vital because aside from surviving, you may be of some actual use - like alerting the authorities and getting others to safety with you.


2. Hide

Don’t do this:

Or this:

You won’t be hide-and-seek champion if you give away your location by trying your best to draw attention to yourself - like shining a torch light at a freaking T-rex.

Do this instead:

While you may not own an invisibility cloak, your next best option when you have nowhere to run is to hide yourself and be as ‘invisible’ as possible.

Remember to switch your mobile phone to silent as well!


3. Tell

You’ve made it to safety, or you may have hidden somewhere safe. Now’s the time to alert the authorities.

If it is safe to make a phone call do so. If not, you can report the incident a few ways:

- Through the SGSecure app.

- SMS to 71999 (Info to include: Total number of attackers, Equipment they are using, Look of the attackers, Location, or TELL)

Don’t panic, if not this may happen:

Take a few deep breaths, collect your thoughts and calmly tell the police what has happened.

Like a boss, like this:

And since we live in the age of social media, do let people know that an attack has occurred so they can avoid the areas. Just don’t be fake news though. But also understand that the terrorists are also on social media, so when you share things like “we’re hiding in the basement toilet now come help us!”, it may inadvertently lead the bad people to you. Be smart use the SGSecure App, call 999 or SMS to 71999.

This post brought to you by SGSecure which believes is something all Singaporeans must know about.