Amazon Prime Now hiring delivery drivers in S’pore at S$25 per hour

Gotta go fast.

By Guan Zhen Tan | July 28, 2017

Online retail giant Amazon launched Amazon Prime Now in Singapore on July 26, to much fanfare — and some troubles.

One of the service’s main features is its one to two-hour deliveries: While one-hour delivery is limited to selected areas, two-hour delivery is available across all delivery areas.

With the speedy features, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that the local demand overwhelmed the e-commerce app.

The situation, however, will hopefully improve in the coming days, as Amazon Prime is apparently hiring delivery drivers, as seen in the following post.

Hi All, Amazon is opening up another round of recruitment for Project Speed!

Please send me the below particulars today via Facebook PM if you are interested. As they need Drivers urgently. Start work next week.

Name :

Nric :

Hp no. :

Email :

Phone Model :

Car Reg no. :

Model of Car :

*”Project Speed”*

*Payout:* $25 + $5 bonus / hour

*Working hrs:* 9am – 9pm

*Working days:* You can decide how many working days you want for that month. Maximum up to 15 days. 2 days work, 2 days rest (alt). Total max 15 working days / month

*Warehouse location:* Toh Guan area

*Job scope:* To deliver fresh food / groceries. Each delivery can weigh up to 22kg.

*Contract:* probation of the 1st month. 2nd and 3rd month will be a try out period for the company. After 3rd month, if the company feels their order did not need so many Drivers, they may eliminate some Drivers. If orders increase, they may increase headcount of the Drivers. After 1st month of probation, you and the company can decide if were to continue on for the 2nd and 3rd month.

*Guarantee per hr of work is $25. $5 bonus is when you do not have any last min no show, good attendance, good punctuality.*

Schedule will be given to Drivers, 1 week beforehand. Once driver confirm the schedule, Drivers are advised to fulfil the working days. Any day that have last min changes, were to make known to the HQ. (so they can get a back up for your job)

*Please also take note that this will affect your attendance if it happens too frequently. So do not confirm schedule given to you if you can’t make it for the days.*

Each day is break into 2 hours per block. Eg: 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm | 2pm-4pm | 4pm-6pm | 6pm-8pm | 8pm-10pm

Every block of timing max will have up to 1-4 deliveries to be made. It could be only 1/2/3/4. If you were only given 1 deliveries and completed within 2 hours, you are to return to Toh Guan to wait for next time slot deliveries. If there is no deliveries, you are to also stay there till the end of day. (All these time of waiting and stuck in jam etc are being paid as well)

Delivery location allocation will be trying their best to allocate all the deliveries within the same area, within the same time slot. But no guarantee.

*kindly note that the company will not be paying for your car rental, parking fee, ERP & petrol. But each Drivers are being protected by work man injury claim.

Is it the legit Amazon?

If you’re thinking that this might be some shady looking Facebook group, it is legit as confirmed by this Facebook post:

Finally!! The day that we have been waiting for has arrived!!!

The Graveyard Shift have been working with Adecco & Amazon on a secret project we called “Project Speed”. A total of about 50 Graveyard Shift members were involved in this project…

And now, we are happy to say that this project that we are working on is “Amazon Prime Now”! The app have been released in Singapore yesterday and chosen Singapore as its 1st country in South East Asia to have Amazon Prime Now!

So, if you’re interested in working for Amazon Prime Now in Singapore, you may contact them there.

For the rest of us, let’s hope this translates to speedier deliveries and orders fulfilled.

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Top image adapted via Wikimedia Commons and The Graveyard Shift Team’s Facebook post

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