Expat gives S'pore a performance review after living here for nearly 5 years

The Good, the bad and the Changi.

Nyi Nyi Thet | June 19, 2017, 05:27 PM

You know how when you leave a company, the boss or the head of HR has a talk with you to try and understand what you think of the company you're departing.

Well, someone on Reddit Singapore did the exact same thing when he left Singapore yesterday.

He wrote a post detailing the pros and cons of Singapore.

Here are the pros.

But no matter what our social Studies textbooks might preach, a country isn't just filled with supreme positives.

He had some negatives too.

Here they are.

Here is a quick summary.

1. Rent too expensive (Which is made more valid because the Redditor revealed he wasn't living on an expat income)

2. Racial discrimination- Especially in terms of housing discrimination.

3. Club scene lacking.

4. Overrated Hawker food.

5. Music scene is lacking.

6. YouTube/ Blogging scene is lame.

7. Challenging business culture (aka cheap af)

8. S'poreans might be cold. (The Redditor apparently didn't make a single local friend in 4 plus years!)

9. Pedestrians are lousy.

10. Drivers are lousy.

11. Poor Cafes/ Kopi isn't nice. (Editors note: Go to hell)

12. Repressive Politics. Specifically on the issue of individualism and our supposed aversion to it.

13. Too harsh on Amos Yee.

14. Exploitative stance on foreign labour.

In conclusion.

"Overall, enjoyed my time here, but also happy to move on. After writing this the criticisms are more, but only because Singapore does so much so well that there is a lot of good that probably just went under my radar."


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