Here are 14 moving images of people crying because they’re so happy they just can’t

Most emotional fans ever.

Tsiuwen Yeo | Sponsored | June 09, 2017, 10:00 AM

You know that feeling of overflowing joy and excitement when you finally meet the people you’ve loved for so long? That after all those years of love and support, you’re finally getting rewarded?

If you don’t (boo, boring), these pictures will show you what real happiness looks like.

When you finally meet your Big Bang oppas


When your T-ara goddesses finally arrive at your city and you’re breathing the same air as them


When you finally meet your football hero pt. 1


When you finally meet your football hero pt. 2


When Arashi appears in front of you suddenly and your heart can’t take how perfect they are


When Captain Jack Sparrow appears in your hospital and you realise it’s Johnny freaking Depp


When you finally see your oppa sing live on stage

From via Youtube

That moment when you realised how much you love your team


When you realise that the heroes you admire and see every day actually noticed you


When you love Ringo so much you just need to touch his hand to feel complete


When Steven Gerrard is less than an arm’s length away and signs your phone cover


When you husband surprises you with your absolute favourite-est animal in the whole wide world, the sloth

Via, video for context here

When you get your favourite food, FOR FREE

Especially if it is FREE Nando’s chicken

If you’re a Nando’s fan and you’ve never experienced such overwhelming joy, here’s a fantastic deal that could potentially have you in tears:

It’s a loyalty programme that rewards you with free PERi-PERi Chicken!!


Signing up is free, and all you need to do is eat -- the more you eat, the more chicken you’ll get. What!!

Let us break it down for you. When you collect 3 Chilli points, you earn your first free 1/4 Chicken. Go on to get 3 more Chilli points, and you’ll get another free 1/2 Chicken!

And if you make it with 3 more Chilli points… 1 WHOLE CHICKEN (!!!) awaits you and your glorious appetite.

Yes, the day has come where your loyalty is paying off, Nando’s fans. And there’s nothing better than that.

Sign up for the Nando’s PERi-Vilege Loyalty Programme here.


This very emotional post is sponsored by Nando’s. (So was the chicken.)

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