Savage S’porean auntie trolls phone scammer in Mandarin, says she’ll rape his mother


By Belmont Lay | May 19, 2017

If you’ve never tried retaliating against a Mandarin-speaking phone scammer before, maybe it is time to start.

To get you started, here is how you bait, troll and verbally abuse a phone scammer, according to this Singaporean auntie who absolutely killed it in the following one-minute video.

Auntie: Hello?

Scammer: Yes. Police headquarters here.

Auntie: Hello?

Scammer: Do you know what is your issue here?

Auntie: That’s what I am here to find out. What is the matter here because why is the police calling me?

Scammer: Okay, we are calling from the police headquarters.

Auntie: Which police headquarters is this?

Scammer: Okay, this is Cantonment Police Station.

Auntie: Cantonment is at Potong Pasir, is it?

Scammer: Yes, that is absolutely correct.

Auntie: Correct your big head ghost. Cantonment is at Delta House [???]. Your mother.

Auntie’s sidekick auntie: You’re crazy. You think Singaporeans are very nice to bluff?

Auntie: Curse your ancestors. May you not have offspring.

Scammer: [Mumbling]

Auntie: Correct? Correct your mother.

Auntie’s sidekick auntie: Catch your mother and rape.

Both aunties: [Laughs in Singaporean]

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done.

By the way, there is a new scam going around where the Singapore police hotline number 1800-255-000 is made use of.

Guess this exercise in trolling will come in handy if you choose to exchange pleasantries with the scammer.


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