Ghost hunting trip to Mount Vernon Crematorium supposedly freakier than expected

One of the ghost hunters has been getting nightmares ever since.

By Olivia Lin | May 17, 2017

Recently, a bunch of thrill-seeking paranormal investigators paid a visit to the Mount Vernon Crematorium (MVC) in a bid to uncover some spooky stuff. They uploaded a video of their chilling adventure onto YouTube on May 15.

The team included Singapore-based emcee/ avid ghost hunter Noel Boyd, YouTuber Evalee Lin, and their cameraman, Desmond Sum.

Just to provide you with a better understanding of the place, MVC will soon be knocked down to make way for the upcoming Bidadari estate.

Its scheduled demolition is part of the reason why the trio wanted to explore it in the first place.

Now, on to the eerie part.


Strange things unearthed

A sighting occurred as soon as the trio toured the outskirts of MVC. The cameraman, Sum, claimed that he felt something brush his back after Boyd announced their arrival to the supernatural world (this is a common practice during paranormal investigations).

Upon further inspection of the footage, the team also spotted unusual movements behind Boyd and Lin.

Screenshot via video

According to them, something flew in from the top and the right side of the screen at this point. However, this didn’t stop them from stepping inside the building.

On the ninth floor of the pagoda, the team stumbled upon a pigeon carcass with its head cleanly removed.

Screenshot via video

Baffling, but still not scary enough for the crew.


The furnace

On their way to the furnace, while walking past the niches, the trio heard something that sounded vaguely like the words, “Get out”. (Maybe a Jordan Peele reference.)

And just like clichéd bad decision-makers in a horror movie, they decided to go further.

In response to queries about getting inside the furnace room, Boyd told that the door was left opened when they found it. Fortunately, he also mentioned that they managed to force close it when they were done filming.

Screenshot via video

When examining the back of the furnace, the trio discovered bits of human remains inside.

And as if that was mundane enough, Boyd decided to pick it up.

Screenshot via video

His reasoning was that he thought holding a piece of human bone would allow him to interact with an entity.

Boyd also revealed to that he immediately felt chills down his spine when he picked the bone fragment up.

The moment I picked up that piece of bone, I had this weird feeling that something bad was going to happen, kind of like the feeling of impending doom coming your way. At that moment, I knew we weren’t alone anymore, and that something wasn’t happy. I tried so hard not to show Desmond and Evalee that I was afraid.

Before the group left, they heard footsteps and soft whistling within close proximity.

But that’s not all

So now that the ghost hunt is over and the crew has had their fair share of spooky scares, everything should be back to normal, right?

Apparently not.

Boyd, who led the team that night, told us that he’s been having nightmares ever since the trip to MVC.

Each dream revolves around that bone. For instance, this morning I woke up in a cold sweat because I dreamt that this man was chasing me around the furnace, demanding to know where his bones are. I truly wish for the bones to be recovered and given a proper resting place. It isn’t right that it’s been there for so many years (since 2004) after the crematorium was decommissioned.

Supernatural occurrence or psychological aftermath? You decide.

Watch the video in full here:


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