Man claims eggs served at AMK coffee shop are "synthetic, man-made" & from China. Really now?

Apparently because the staff serving him were from China, so were the eggs they prepared.

Joshua Lee | April 23, 2017, 05:30 PM

From fake seaweed to fake milk powder, it seems so many things in the market today are less than 100 per cent authentic.

Cue one Jerome Junior who shared his account of "synthetic, man-made eggs" from an Ang Mo Kio coffee shop, apparently, according to his expert opinion, imported from China.

If you can't see the embedded post, we reproduce it below:

An alert to everyone! Synthetic, man-made eggs from China are here! They have hit Singapore. This was what I was served at a coffee shop in Ang Mo Kio. Soft boiled synthetic eggs. Block 727 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6. Coffee shop next to the Post Office. Please take heed and alert your loved ones. National Environment Agency (NEA) Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)

Jerome's text was accompanied by this photo and a video:

Photo via Facebook.

The photo and video show the eggs to be lumpy, quite unlike the normal soft boiled eggs we usually get at coffeeshops.

According to Jerome, these are his claims:

- These are "synthetic" eggs, presumably because of the lumpy nature.

- These "synthetic" eggs were served at the coffee shop at 727 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6.

- These "synthetic" eggs were imported from China.

Now, man-made eggs, constructed from resin, starch, and pigments, are not unheard of, but probably not in Singapore as far as we know.

However, the only thing in his list of three claims that is verifiable now is the location where he had his eggs.

Hello, Singapore doesn't even import eggs from China

A quick check on the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) website will show you that Singapore does not import eggs from China.

These are the countries from which we import our fresh eggs via approved layer farms (farms which raise poultry for the purpose of laying eggs):

- Australia

- Japan

- Malaysia, West (Chicken Eggs)

- Malaysia, West (Quail Eggs)

- New Zealand

- Sweden

- Korea

- Thailand


Perhaps Facebook user Jerome immediately deemed these suspicious eggs as Chinese imports because according to his comments, the workers, he assumes, were from China:

Screenshot via Facebook.

Consequently, he says, he did not bother approaching the staff who served him the eggs. Okay then.

Also, he believes he has taken sufficient steps to express his concern about the quality of the eggs, simply by tagging NEA and AVA in his post:

Because of course, AVA and NEA camp on notifications and check every single post that mentions them. All day long. Screenshot via Facebook.

Now admittedly, the eggs do look a bit strange. But that can be due to a variety of factors: cooking time, temperature, contamination, perhaps they were not fresh — that can all happen here in Singapore.

Even if the eggs do turn out to be 'fake eggs', they wouldn't be from China since we don't import eggs from there.

AVA update

AVA has replied in a Facebook post that investigations showed that the eggs were real and were imported from an accredited farm in Malaysia.

If you can't see the embedded post, we reproduce it below:

We are aware of a video showing allegedly fake eggs bought from a coffee shop in Ang Mo Kio.

Our investigations have shown that the eggs sold there are real, and were imported from an accredited farm in Malaysia.

There are no imports of eggs from China, as China is not an approved source.

Both imported and locally produced eggs are also regularly sampled for food safety and compliance with AVA's standards and requirements.

More importantly, as netizens, we should all exercise discretion and wisdom before sharing information on the Internet.


Top photo adapted from Facebook.


Update: A reader alerted us to the existence of man-made eggs (which have, on occasion, been found in China). We have updated the article to reflect that as well as AVA's Facebook statement.


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