This video of a couple going through adult things together will hit you right in the feels

At least they have each other.

Olivia Lin | April 22, 2017 @ 10:52 am


All of us deal with the ups and downs of life differently.

Some find adulting hard, while others find migrating to another country harder.

Then there are the tough cookies who think they can do both by taking up the challenge of adulting in another country.

And still, I need to adult. Via Giphy.

Like Sanjay and Divya from K. Rajagopal’s short film.

Named after the main character, Sanjay is a short but stirring flick that follows the story of a couple who moved here from India. Through their eyes, we see how the pair navigate the hardships and blessings of life as they slowly get used to living in Singapore.

It is a super relatable production that explores all the different life stages a typical young or middle-aged couple is likely to face.

1. Relocating to an unfamiliar place

Aside from the exciting feeling of starting afresh somewhere new, relocating can be a tedious process that’s both mentally and physically draining.

All the filtering, packing, and unpacking – it’s almost like stocktaking on steroids.

So their way of dealing with this is to pack two suitcases and a box.

And to move at night so there won’t be any nosy neighbours around.

2. Work problems

Everyone, at some point in life, is bound to come across people who are impossibly unreasonable.

But, if like Sanjay, the impossibly unreasonable person happens to be your boss, then you’re probably one of the unlucky few who always find themselves in hot soup at work.

“Just keep thinking about the bonus, Sanjay. Bonus bonus bonus.”

Even after explaining why his alterations to the system can greatly improve it, his supervisor still demands that he change things back to the original setting.

Well, at least he has his wife’s homemade chapati to go along with the hot soup he’s in.

It’s more delicious than the hot soup though.

3. Fixing dem lights

Due to the real estate agent’s incompetence, our poor lovebirds are left living in the dark during their first two nights.

But look at how Divya manages to turn the situation around.

Also, you just won the best wife award.

And if that’s not thoughtful enough, she goes on to resolve the light issue herself like the superwoman she secretly is.

All she wants to do is to light up her husband’s life. (Awww)

4. Baby, we have company

Earlier in the film, the wife is seen trying to reach her husband at work. When he finally calls her back, she informs him that she has something important which she’ll tell him at home.

New shower curtains? Or maybe a good deal on some cabinet?



It must’ve taken her the willpower of a monk to not blurt it out over the phone.

But knowing that her husband’s busy at work, she keeps this piece of breaking news to herself, and only reveals it to him when he gets home.

True love and understanding right there.

And yes, there’s a happy ending on the work front too.

“My bonus chant worked.”

Sanjay is part of an anthology – Together Apart. Watch it in full here:

The three films are part of Project Lapis Sagu, a crowdsourced film initiative which aims to foster social integration between Singaporeans and foreigners, presented by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).


Top image from video.

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