Enchanted Cafe in Rangoon Road ups mystical ante with colour-changing drink

Maybe you'll transform into a sorcerer after drinking it.

By Olivia Lin | April 19, 2017

Remember the wizard-themed cafe, Platform 1094, which opened in January that got everyone talking because of its spark-inducing cocktail, Goblet of Fire?

No? Here’s a recap.

And even before the hype surrounding this magical bistro has gone up in smoke (heh), another fantasy-themed eatery recently sprouted in Rangoon Road.

Enchanted Cafe is about as fairytale-like as its name suggests.

By far the most visually-addictive thing about this place is its star item, the “Sorcerer’s Elixir” (S$9.90), a drink that oh-so-daringly claims the title of a fabled potion.

Although the cafe is only about one-month old, videos and photos of the place, and especially the “elixir”, have been making the rounds on Instagram.

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The Sorcerer's Elixir: Lychee Earl Grey Milk Tea Fusion ❤

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The magical aspect lies in the presentation of the drink, which features a glass of blue concoction sitting atop a stone bowl filled with dry ice.

But if the plumes of smoke created by the dry ice isn’t enough for you to deem the dish picture-worthy, its colour-changing ability will.

This is created by pouring a jar of yellow liquid into the glass of blue drink, which then transforms into a mysterious deep purple mixture.

Aesthetics aside, the Sorcerer’s Elixir is described to be a fusion brew of lychee and Earl Grey.

Other food items

Other than the theatrical drink, the menu includes the Ngoh Hiang Burger (S$18.90), a dish that has Ngoh Hiang as its patty.

Having the Ngoh Hiang Burger at fantasy theme cafe #enchantedcafe #brunch #publicholiday

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And the Lu Rou burger, which features marinated pork sandwiched between burger buns.

This is perhaps another new place to check out this weekend instead of squeezing with the rest of the Singaporean population at Artbox.

Location: 88 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218374
Tel: +65 8813 1086
FB: https://www.facebook.com/EnchantedCafeSg


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Top image via instagram.com/singaporeliciouz and instagram.com/vforvivi_

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