Man got cheated of his $11,300 Rolex trying to sell it on Carousell


Mandy How| March 11, 01:13 PM

Carousell, as many of you already know, is an online marketplace. If you've ever sold a few items on the app, you might have met your share of low-ballers and irresponsible buyers.

However, odds are you won't have it as bad as the guy who got cheated of his $11,300 Rolex watch.

A 22-year-old man responded to the seller's Rolex listing, and managed to convince him that full payment had been made via iBanking.

It was only after he handed the watch over to the buyer that he realised no payment had been credited to his account. The buyer was could not be contacted subsequently.

After the police received a report on Mar. 6, a suspect was arrested at Bukit Batok West Avenue 4 on Mar. 10. If found guilty, the 22-year-old is liable to a fine and may face up to 10 years of prison.


Carousell has a market for luxury goods

Watches are not the only luxurious items with a market on Carousell - bags, apparel, and even accessories feature heavily on the app.

carousell 1

carousell 2

Users are advised to exercise extra caution when it comes to dealing with buyers/sellers of such expensive high-end items, because you don't need to become a cautionary tale on Crimewatch.

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