Carouhell Tumblr shows how some Singaporeans are complete idiots and cheapskates

Because bargaining with anonymity gives you unprecedented power.

Jonathan Lim| November 03, 02:48 PM

Carousell is a homegrown mobile phone app for Singaporeans to list items for sale and allows buyers and sellers to message each other privately to bargain/finalise deals.

Carousell's tagline is 'Sell in a Snap. Buy with a Chat'.

The anonymity of the Internet and lack of inhibitions of e-commerce led to two things: 1) incredibly thick-skinned cheapskates who love trying their luck to lowball sale prices; 2) Perverts.

Thank goodness for the Internet, someone had the smarts to start a Tumblr blog aptly named Carouhell which welcomes user screenshot submissions of ridiculous buyers/sellers on Carousell.

Check out some of the more ludicrous ones:


1. Some people don't take kindly to rejection

Carousell Carouhell puki mak



2. The friendship troll

Carousell Carouhell friendship troll


3. This is a carousell emergency

Carousell Carouhell no bra



4. The lowball pro

Carousell Carouhell lowball pro


5. A string of shady pervs

Carousell Carouhell pervert 1


Carousell Carouhell pervert 2


Carousell Carouhell pervert 4


6. How to deal with pervs

Carousell Carouhell pervert 3


7. Because being cash strapped is a perfectly legit reason when bargaining for non-essential products

Carousell Carouhell cash strap 2

Carousell Carouhell cash strap


8. Because students get discounts everywhere

Carousell Carouhell need student discount

Carousell Carouhell no student discount



Carousell Carouhell needy as hecknot sure


10. This kid knows the market well

Carousell Carouhell young boy knows the market 1Carousell Carouhell young boy knows the market


11. Filial self-reflecting son

Carousell Carouhell this fillial son


12. And finally, someone who has reached Carousell nirvana

Carousell Carouhell the truth1Carousell Carouhell the truth


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