Man who stood & ate at Redhill hawker centre during circuit breaker issued written stern warning

Over 3,000 advisories issued on Apr. 8, 2020.

Ashley Tan | April 09, 2020, 12:22 AM

Two days into Singapore's circuit breaker period, and three written stern warnings have been issued to members of the public who failed to comply with safe distancing measures.

This alongside the issuance of several thousand more advisories.

Over 3,000 written advisories issued today

A press release by the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) revealed one of the written stern warnings had been issued to a man who sat down to eat at a hawker centre at Blk 89 Redhill Close.

When asked to leave, the man reportedly moved to another table to continue eating.

Video footage of the incident recently circulated online, showing two uniformed police officers confronting a man.



According to MEWR, over 3,000 more written advisories have also been issued on Apr. 8.

A total of 10,000 advisories were issued in the last two days. Majority of these advisories were issued in hawker centres, markets and across HDB public spaces.

Avoid crowded wet markets

MEWR strongly advised everyone to stay home during this circuit breaker period, unless they need to buy food or other essential items, or consult a doctor.

Members of the public, especially the elderly, are also strongly encouraged to avoid going to popular wet markets.

People should also shop only during weekdays at non-peak hours to prevent crowding.

"We urge the elderly to stop visiting the wet markets, and to get others to help if they need food or essential items. This is to protect our elderly, who are the most vulnerable."

The National Environment Agency will be rolling out crowd management measures at markets as well, to enhance safe distancing.

Facebook photos and videos circulated today of crowds consisting of mostly elderly, sitting at People's Park hawker centre and queuing at a Jurong West market.



Closure of public spaces

You might have noticed certain public spaces like playgrounds cordoned off as well.

The Housing Development Board (HDB) is working with Town Councils to close public spaces such as playgrounds, sports courts, and seating areas in void decks.

Several agencies, including HDB, Singapore Food Agency and the Singapore police, will be conducting joint operations with Auxiliary Police to patrol areas where people have been seen loitering or sitting for hours at night.

Those who do not comply with these elevated safe distancing measures can be issued a written stern warning by Enforcement Officers (EO).

Repeat offences can result in a fine or prosecution.

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