"Texts From Your Ex" is the most brutally funny Instagram account right now

Because real-life drama is the best drama.

Jonathan Lim| November 03, 11:22 AM

We like to read about gossip because we enjoy lapping up the drama in people's lives.

Instagram account Texts from your Ex is further evidence that we love to see how ex-boyfriends and girlfriends grovel and beg. The account was started only in September this year and has a following of over 180,000 eager schadenfreude-philes.

Check out some of the texts you wish you would never have to send to your ex:


1. Attacking your ex's taste is not advisable

Low standards

burn hashtag


2. Nope she was not going to appear at your window



3. Not the intended recipient

Adams gf


4. Someone call the drunk police

drunk text sheriff


5. Missing the point completely

Not getting it


6. Too many social media apps to keep track of

not on instagram



7. Taking read receipts to the next level

Read at





9. No

single again



10. May want to change pillow cases

Sleeps on your pillow


11. It's not the size of the ship. Sometimes

Small p


12. Friendly advice

Try Tinder


13. Classic responses are the best

Who is this



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