'We will emerge stronger as one united S'pore': S'pore Bishop receives touching letter from Mufti

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Syahindah Ishak| April 08, 11:13 PM

Celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday amidst the current Covid-19 outbreak will be tough for the Singapore Christian community, especially since the circuit breaker measures have been implemented.

On Apr. 8, president of the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS), Bishop Terry Kee, received a heartwarming letter of encouragement from the Mufti of Singapore, Nazirudin Mohd Nasir.

Contemplative time for religious communities

Nazirudin began the letter by expressing his well wishes to the Christian community as we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday this week.

He said that now is a "contemplative time" for the religious communities in Singapore.

"We are grateful that our respective traditions empower us with meaning, values and lessons that will make us stronger and more resilient in face of adversity," he added.

He went on to cite similar lines from the Bible and Quran that preach the importance of peace.

Nazirudin explained:

"We are indeed inspired by our commonalities, not only in the ways we understand the world and its religious history, but also in our shared struggle to make this world a better place.

The current Covid-19 outbreak underscores the importance of renewing our hope and digging deep within our faith and traditions for optimism amidst a bleak and gloomy global situation."

Muslims can empathise with the Christian community

Nazirudin shared similar sentiments with the Christian community, stating that Muslims will also probably celebrate momentous events differently this year.

As the Covid-19 situation in Singapore continues to worsen, the Muslim community will likely experience Ramadan (fasting month) and Hari Raya in a less than ideal way.

Thus, he ended the letter by conveying his heartfelt sympathies on behalf of the Singapore Muslim community, to the Christian community.

"The crisis will bind us even stronger in our commitment and resolve to support one another as we face an uncertain world and future. I am confident that with greater unity and deeper friendship, we will emerge stronger as one united Singapore."

You can read Nazirudin's full letter here:

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