GrabShare driver told off lady who complained fellow NSF passenger smelled bad

Everybody who has been through National Service knows that smell.

By Belmont Lay | March 9, 2017

Well, here’s a story to brighten your day: A GrabShare driver told a female passenger off when she complained the full-time national serviceman sharing a ride with her smelled bad.

The incident was related in a post shared in a closed Facebook page for Grab and Uber drivers.

Long story short: A GrabShare driver picked up a female passenger who was going from Changi to Hougang. She sat in the back seat.

En route, the driver received a ping to pick up a full-time national serviceman (NSF) passenger from the ferry terminal who was heading towards Sengkang.

The idea of GrabShare is for passengers to share a ride if they are headed in the same direction to save on cost.

Halfway into the journey, the female passenger requested for the driver to wind down the window and turn off the air conditioning in the car due to a pungent smell.

When asked why, she pointed to the NSF in the front seat, indicating that he smelled bad.

Miffed, the driver told the woman to use a tissue to cover her nose and wind down the rear window, while the NSF continued to enjoy the air conditioning in the front seat because, hey, he is spending two years of his life serving the country.

This is the original post:


There are the reactions:



The driver’s comment is still the winner though:


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