GrabShare driver boasts about refusing to help load luggage into car boot, drove off instead


By Jonathan Lim | March 6, 2017

Is customer service in Singapore like crap? Or are customers in Singapore the worst?

These two questions would pop up in your head as you read this following GrabShare driver’s story of how she dealt with two passengers at the airport when they supposedly demanded that the driver load up their luggage into the car for them.

TLDR: She drove off with the passengers but purposely left the bags where they were at the airport. She only returned the passengers to the bags — where the police were waiting beside the unattended luggage — only after telling them to treat her with respect and when the passengers said “please” to her.

Do note that the driver, Cassandra, shared her story in a Facebook page for Grab/ Uber drivers, with most comments supporting her actions:

FireShot Capture 80 - (3) Uber_Grab SG Partners_ -

There was, however, a lone voice in the comment thread that disagreed with Cassandra’s action:

grab uber debate airport

Cassandra later provided further explanation to her actions:

Case of bad service provider, terrible customer, or failure of both parties to communicate like proper people?

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