Unidentified Flying Object hovering over Jurong is freaking S'poreans out

Life is so lonely with just 6 billion people.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 14, 2017, 04:27 PM

Are we alone in this universe?

That's a question that has haunted us for millennia, and no one's been able to give a proper answer to it.

There will still be no proper answer at the end of this article, but for some residents in Jurong, they might just begin asking that question a bit more.

*X-Files music*

On Feb. 13, Twitter user, and long time Jurong resident, $murf Parker, uploaded this video on Twitter.

Here is the object in question.

screenshot from Twitter screenshot from Twitter

The twin lights flashed on and off during the duration of the 10-second video.

And he wasn't the only Twitter user in Jurong who noticed.

Two hours

The person who posted the video claimed the incident went on for around two hours.

While the Twitter user did acknowledge it might have been a military blimp, he reasserted his claim that nothing like that had been seen before.

ufo 5

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Top image from Twitter

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