S'porean couple crossed 14 countries by land from London to S'pore over 70 days for S$12,000

You can check out the break down of cost on their blog.

Belmont Lay| January 04, 03:51 PM

A Singaporean couple traversed 14 countries over 19,000km when they embarked on a 70-day road trip from London to Singapore.


Varun Varma, 30, and his wife Neha, 28, made their way from London to Singapore over land, and in the process, visited Europe, Russia, China, Mongolia and down Southeast Asia.

The couple met at the National University of Singapore in 2007.

Their trip proper started in July 2015, after completing their master's in London together.

Details of their flexible itinerary, how much they spent on travelling by train and bus, the distance they covered and cost of accommodation have been collected and published on their blog.

Comparatively, the couple said the plane tickets alone back from London to Singapore would have cost S$3,000 to S$5,000.

You can check out their video here:

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However, this isn't the first time Singaporeans have made epic road trips.

In the 1970s, then-lawyer and soon-to-be veteran opposition politician Chiam See Tong and his wife drove all the way to Singapore when they left London in his Beetle, named Herbie. They traversed Europe, Turkey, Afghanistan, India and Malaysia in the car.

In October 2016, Hoong Kah Chuan, a 59-year-old Singaporean grandfather accomplished what no one in Singapore or the rest of the world has ever done before: He took his Nissan GT-R out for a spin by going from Singapore to the Everest Base Camp in Tibet and back.

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