S'porean drives his Nissan GT-R from S'pore to Mount Everest

That is so cool. Like literally.

Belmont Lay | October 28, 2016, 04:43 PM

Climbing Mount Everest is one thing, getting there by driving over from Singapore in a Nissan GT-R is quite another.

And then planning on driving it back.

That's exactly what a Singaporean man, Kah Chuan Hoong, did.

He arrived at the base camp of Mount Everest on Oct. 24, 2016, after more than 18 months of planning and driving.

He will be making his return trip to Singapore via Qinghai, Lanzhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, Thailand, Malaysia, arriving in mid-November.

It is possibly the first time a GTR has ended up at Mount Everest.

This is what he wrote:

Everest Base Camp - Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt !!!

Finally arrived at Base Camp on Mon 24 Oct 2016 after more than 18 months of dreaming & planning. Thanks to my family for their support & understanding to allow me to undertake such a crazy project, to all of you for your encouragement & to Keith & the boys at MB Performance for their advice & tuning to make this Black Beast get it's way here!

I'm sharing some photos taken along the way with all you supporters. It's cruise home mode now. Oh, by the way, I'm changing my return route. The roads between Basu & Nyingchi are so bad it's not worth taking the risk to be a hero twice. So I will spend 4 extra days going via the desert & grassland areas of Qinghai & Lanzhou then into Sichuan, Yunnan, Thailand, Malaysia & back to SG around mid-Nov.

My Tibetan guide Lhakpa Tenzin says this is the first GT-R or any supercar to ever make it to EBC. I hope it's true. Cheers!