Guy sells ex-girlfriend's reclining chair on Carousell complete with tragic description. Like his love life.

Preloved - like its owner.

Mandy How | November 15, 2016, 09:55 PM

Carousell, an online marketplace popular among Singaporeans, has seen its fair share of the ridiculous, nightmarish, and heartwarming.

However, a week-old listing belonging to a certain Raph Yee is a strong contender for being one of the more memorable posts.

Tragically listed as "my exGF's chair thing", Yee writes that the object for sale was a chair bought for his ex-girlfriend, who dumped him for reasons unknown.



Its description is at once heart-breaking and funny.


2nd pic:



3rd pic:



4th pic:


In the flood of over 2,000 comments, Yee found many who appreciated his humour, as well as some sympathisers and well-wishers:


carousell-comment-1-1 carousell-love-your-description


Some felt so bad, they almost wanted to buy the chair thing.



Hopefully Yee recovers  soon -- and not just financially.


Top image from Raph Yee's Carousell

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