Guy in S'pore tried selling ebike on Carousell, ended up giving it away willingly to old postman

What a blessing.

Belmont Lay| October 21, 03:39 AM

Long story short: A guy, Wayne Lim, put his electric bicycle up for sale for $699 on Carousell. He was initially sceptical it will even find a decent buyer because he had heard stories about Carouhell.

He eventually received a sincere offer to buy the ebike from a keen buyer, who was not only willing to travel all the way from Ang Mo Kio to Pasir Ris to view the ebike, but also bring along a hand pump to inflate the flat tires.

The buyer turned out to be a skinny old man in his 60s who worked as a postman. He said he earned a modest $1,000-plus a month cycling some 12 hours a day around HDB estates delivering mail to 2,000 units.

The reason he badly wanted to buy the ebike was because he was tired of cycling during work and it was a rare ebike that could accommodate a box at the rear for his mail. And he was willing to pay $500 for it.

However, upon hearing that the old man was going to use it as part of his job travelling around the estate daily, Wayne did not want to sell the ebike as it is not authorised as street legal. Riding it could jeopardise the old postman's safety, while violating the law, possibly resulting in hefty fines and even the confiscation of the ebike by the authorities.

The old man was repeatedly dissuaded from purchasing but he persevered in wanting to buy it.

In the end, Wayne relented.

But instead of taking the payment, which the old postman brought ready with him in cash, Wayne gave the ebike away for free because here was someone who clearly needed an ebike and $500 more than him.

The old man would have none of that kindness foisted on him and, in the end, paid $50.

As a form of reciprocity, the old man gave Wayne the best review any Carousell seller could wish for:



Here is the text of the original post (since the original post appears to have been taken down):


Some refers it as Carouhell. For me i never believed in it, waste of time and efforts till the wife persuade...

Posted by Wayne Lim on Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Carousell. Some refers it as Carouhell. For me i never believed in it, waste of time and efforts till the wife persuade me to try selling my Ebike.

So I tried and many pms for discount, sell $699 one asked for $100, one asked can installment, one even asked to give free.

This morning a user keesoon9 pm his interest. After umpteen PMs, I was not interested to sell. He asked for a discount, I just gave a one shot $500 which I expected him to ask for lower price.

Now as I told my wife I am guilty for replying him late (he was eager and waiting for me to confirm) and that I rebuked him of not looking clearly as I said tyres are flat and wanted to ride back to AMK from Pasir Ris! Since he said he bring airpump, I was like "whatever lah. U try can u buy" attitude. He was the 2nd out of 100000 who is willing to come all the way to my place to view.

He asked to meet 730pm-8pm. 7.33pm my phone rang and it was an Uncle. "Hmm?" Why would a uncle want to buy my ebike?

He came up my unit, a skinny Chinese elderly man in his 60s. We chatted. He is our local postman, not the ones on the nice vespa or vans. He rides a bicycle to cover 2000+ units for our mails. He starts 7am in the morning and ends at 7pm. I was quite emotional la, when he said he rushed to finish today so that he can take bus 53 to reach my place at 7.30pm. "When I say I am interested to deal, its not good to put plane one", he remarked.

2000 units, just curious but uncle how much do u make a month? "Around $1000+ lor. Some they do 1000+ unit but only pay $800, cannot survive man"

Now I didnt want to sell him anymore.

Its not street legal. I warned him umpteen times that LTA n Npark will fine v heavy n confiscate the bike, still must pay for towing service. Uncle told me never mind, he only ride ard HDBs and moreover his leg is feeling tired from cycling, this ebike will help him.

I cant bring myself to sell this man a bike which will bring trouble to him in terms of law. Instead of promoting this ebike, I kept telling him tyres spoil bike too heavy the tyres always run flat. LTA now very serious on this due to media coverage, heavy fines and penalties, later summons v problem one.

His last request. He said he really like this bike and the rear can secure a box for his mails. Other ebikes modified to motorbike seats and he cannot put box tts why when he saw my ebike he vvv suka liao.

I asked the wife for advise and we agreed on the deal. But again I told him it is a v serious offence.

He really wanted to ride from Pasir Ris to AMK. I asked if he know of any lorry driver to help because it is v heavy and its late at night already. The bike will not be able to last the journey. We look in Carousell and looked for transportation which one of them agreed on $50 per trip.

We went through the bike inspection, he really brought a handpump along. We tried and the tyres work fine.

The van came and I asked uncle to push the ebike himself and familiarise the bike because If he wish to back out we can still cancel the deal.

After thinking so much, I just asked the wife if I can just give this ebike to uncle. $500 to us we can earn back, but $500 to uncle its almost 1/2 of his income.

Uncle really prepared $500 and I pushed it back to his pocket. I feel that if this bike can help someone and gain income, instead of selling it off to a teen who might just use it recklessly on the road again, why not.

Why not.

As expected he keep refusing. I told uncle that he might need this money to change tyres, if *choy* get caught must pay fine. Ok lets take $50 and help me pay the transport on my behalf, shall we?

No monetary value can put how I feel now when I saw his last msg in Carousell at 9.04pm.

It might be Carouhell for you, but for me tonight it has been a good one.


Moral of the story? It will not be Carouhell if you used it wisely and why is a postman engaged in physically-intensive labour paid $1,000-plus a month only?


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