DJ Jade Rasif was like totally sorry she implied Zouk in cahoots with fake DJ Marshmello

She's all like, don't be mad at me, okay?

Belmont Lay | September 14, 2016, 05:51 PM

Jade Rasif, an exceptionally attractive person who is a DJ, has apologised for implying that Zouk was in cahoots with a mascot masquerading as the real American DJ Marshmello in the club over the Ultra Music Festival weekend on Sept. 10, 2016.

This is her post...

... which appears to have been removed. It was up for at about 3.40pm for about an hour before disappearing.

To be fair to her, since she has removed her post, we're contemplating whether to post a screenshot of her apology.

But to be fair to our readers, this was what she initially wrote before it was taken down:

ok i was wrong to blame Zouk because they didn't advertise on their official website that he was coming.

If anything the blame should fall on the 2 Guest DJs who posted and implied he was coming, brought an impostor in, let him hype behind the console, and gave their fans the impression that he was real... Made people queue outside velvet then queue to take pics with fakemello.

Ok pls stop flaming me and pls don't sue me for defamation ok I'm really damn sorry. I won't post anything else bye.

After she took down the post, she put up another that kind of demonstrates her contrition with some humble-bragging thrown in for good measure:

(Note: That line in the pic above, "Things got so bizarre that the real Marshmello felt it necessary to admonish Zouk as well", came from's article.)

This mini fiasco started after Jade, who is Zouk's resident DJ, supposedly called out her employer for making paying customers think the real up-and-coming American DJ Marshmello was in the house:

Turns out, Zouk wasn't and it was just random guy playing punk and doing a bit of mimicry:

Universe, at ease.


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Top image from Jade Rasif Facebook page

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