This map of Yishun shows exactly why estate keeps popping up in news items

Gone were the days when Yishun made the news because it had 10 cinemas in one multiplex.

Belmont Lay | August 17, 2016, 05:17 PM


The one place in Singapore -- besides Tampines -- that you might have noticed since it keeps getting mentioned repeatedly in the news recently for all the wrong reasons.

Suicide, multiple ongoing and as-yet-unsolved cat-killings, suicide-homicide, vice, mystery deaths, lift breakdown -- you name it, Yishun has it.

So much so someone has helpfully labelled all these incidents on a map for easy reference.

However, a quick glance of the somewhat exhaustive map reveals there are some other recent news items that have failed to make it.

For example, most recently, a 37-year-old man was charged with murder on Aug. 15, after his 29-year-old victim died in hospital on Sunday.

The couple were undergoing divorce proceedings and the murder allegedly occurred in a third floor unit at Block 342B Yishun Ring Road on Saturday at about 9pm.

And very recently on Aug. 13, it was reported that a 20-year-old man, with his clothes drenched in blood, was seen stumbling out of a toilet in Northpoint Shopping Centre in the afternoon. He collapsed in front of a foodcourt.

A month ago on July 18, a coffee shop at Blk 848 Yishun Street 81 failed to make rent and all stallowners and paying customers were promptly evicted from the premises during business hours in the evening.

And then there was also the epic neighbourly dispute that saw the Nee Soon Town Council stepping in.

Not that it is all doom and gloom though, as staying in Yishun helps add to your street cred:


That time I was driving in JB, just minding my own business when I kanna cornered by a few gangsters on motorbikes. Dey asked me where I am from, so I said yishun. Can immediately see the fear on their eyes den ask me to please forgive them and to leave their family and cats alone. I never seen a bunch of losers scattering off so fast, one guy almost langgar curb in his haste to escape from me, SMH.

Cool story bro.


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