Khatib coffee shop stallowners evicted mid-business after failing to make rent

Tenants made to leave, food left uncooked as area cordoned off.

Belmont Lay | July 18, 2016 @ 09:32 pm

Business at a coffee shop in Khatib was abruptly forced to close prematurely as food stall owners were told to leave their produce and wares behind, as customers were also made to leave.

This was after the coffee shop at Blk 848 Yishun Street 81 failed to make rent and was in arrears.

A Mothership.sg reader sent photos of the coffee shop’s premises being cordoned off, as representatives of the landlord moved to take over the premises.

Plates of half-eaten food could still be seen on the tables and curious onlookers watched.

The incident took place on Monday evening, July 18, at about 6.30pm.


A notice pasted on the coffee shop wall read:

This premises has been taken over by the landlord, Springleaf Y848 Pte Ltd.

Kindly note that any interference with the premises will be taken as an act of trespass on the landlord’s property and appropriate measure(s) shall be taken against the trespassers including lodging a police report.

If you are the owner of any movable goods and/or chattels in the premises, you are required to contact the person(s) listed below for an appointment to remove them.

If we do not hear from you within seven (7) days from the date hereof, the goods/chattel shall be deemed abandoned and shall be disposed off without further notice.

Another notice on the wall stated that a letter of demand dated June 17, 2016, was served demanding rental arrears be settled.

It also said that as the rental arrears reflected in a subsequent July 7 Writ of Summons was not settled in two days’ time, the landlord exercised its right to re-entry.

The reader also said tenants could be seen looking “weepy” and saying they are worried that they are unlikely to re-open their stalls tomorrow.


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