S’pore man releases video detailing epic 3-year feud involving ‘barbarian’ neighbour

This man is definitely a Lannister.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | July 4, 2016

*Editor’s note: This article was edited at 2.30pm*

We all have problems with our neighbours once in a while, unless you are YouTube user Boorich, in which case, you have a 3-year long feud that has lead to hammering of cameras, falling down stairs, alleged assaulting of wives and a conspiracy in Nee Soon.

Boo made a 20 minute video detailing the epic feud with, in his own words, the neighbour from hell and various town council officers. (But if you don’t have 20 minutes to spare, we broke the video down for you later on in this article)


Here is his thesis.

*Edited 2:15pm: Boo claims that he was unfairly treated in his dispute with his neighbour.

But let’s start from the very beginning

Moving in

A short while upon moving into his apartment, Boo got into a disagreement with his neighbour regarding the placement of potted plants.

nee soon plants

Which Boo claimed intruded on his side of the corridor.

He then proceeded to make a report with the town council.


An action that apparently infuriated his neighbour.

Subsequently this was what happened to Boo’s window panes.

neesoon broken

Which prompted Boo, under the advise of the police, to install CCTV’s.

After trying, and failing, to sabotage the cameras with a ‘big joystick’.

nee soon joystick

Boo’s neighbour ultimately decided to smash the cameras with a hammer instead.


An act that made it all the way onto Stomp, all the way back in 2014.

Paying for damages

According to Boo, the neighbour was initially convicted of damaging his CCTVs.

Boo pointed to this letter sent by Law Minister and Nee Soon GRC MP, K Shanmugan, where the letter showed that his neighbour said he was not responsible for the damages to the window panes.



The neighbourly relationship continued to suffer, with the neighbour apparently engaging in acts like stalking Boo and his wife. While constantly flashing the middle finger to Boo’s cameras.

nee soon middle finger

nee soon middle finger 2

And burning things on Boo’s side of the corridor.



His next big grievance in the video was in response to cameras, more specifically, on the unfairness of being forced to take his security cameras down.

This was even as his ‘barbarian neighbour’, as he called him, was allowed to keep his.



Boo claimed the reasons given for the removal of his CCTV camera’s were lacking.

neesoon carpet

To justify his outrage over supposed double standards, he showed various other units in the area with CCTV’s installed outside their houses, including one who had 4 security cameras installed outside their houses. Boo claimed that these units belonged to Nee Soon grassroots members.


The saga had entered its second year.

LED lights

2016 saw yet another development to the story, this time on the issue of LED lights.

Cameras were not the only thing Boo was allegedly barred from putting up.

He had wanted to install LED light in his unit due to the darkness of his corridor, but he wasn’t able to, so in order to prevent his ‘barbarian neighbour’ from causing trouble, Boo installed the LED light on the inside of his unit facing outwards.

According to Boo, the ‘barbarian neighbour’ then proceeded to call his town council contacts.

Boo’s camera had recorded someone supposedly from the Town Council telling his wife that they will install a corridor light for them, but they had to take down the LED light. The person volunteered to dismantle it on the day itself but Boo’s wife said she had to consult Boo first. Boo was not around at the time.

The corridor light was not installed and a few days later the same person came around and again Boo’s camera was recording the exchange. Boo managed to get the man to say that the LED light within his unit did not come under the man’s purview – that is to say he had no authority to dismantle it.


nee soon wife

Daughters get into the mix

As Game of Thrones have constantly shown us, a real blood feud can only take place when it becomes a family affair.

Enter the offspring.

According to Boo, the ‘barbarian neighbour’s’ daughter also harassed him and his wife, purportedly sneaking outside his house at night,and taking pictures of his house while Boo slept.



And he raised concerns of Facebook posts by the daughter, that he claimed, used MP Lee Bee Wah’s influence to threaten a takeover of his house.



He ended the blistering 20-minute video by appealing for justice and equality.

nee soon justice

‘Therefore I have to expose them online to seek for justice and equality. I hope fellow Singaporeans who have similar encounters will step forward to voice out on your grievances.”


Now we have to make this clear, this is just one man’s interpretation, albeit an eerily well-documented one, on the events that transpired. We are sure this represents but a fraction of the main story.

But a feud that lasts for more than 3 years with the excitement and intrigue of a Hong Kong soap opera? You just don’t see that everyday.


All images from BooRich’s YouTube channel

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