Eric's job is to walk around Olympic Village with big sack of condoms: Rio 2016 moments

Because Zika and because athletes get bored too.

Belmont Lay | August 11, 2016, 02:16 PM

What happens when thousands of physically fit people in peak condition from all over the world who look like they walked out of a United Colors of Benetton ad are holed up in a venue together for two weeks with curfews that prevent them from going outside and where many will go home medal-less, which means they have a lot of free time on their hands and now interactions are facilitated by Tinder?

Enter this guy, identified as Eric at the Rio 2016 Olympics:

Pictures have been circulating on social media of him. Eric’s job is to walk around the Olympics with a big sack of condoms for athletes.

The International Olympic Committee for Rio 2016 has provided more than 450,000 condoms for the two-week games, way more than previous Olympics.

This works out to 42 per athlete or nearly three a day across the games.

The reporter, Rodger Sherman, who spoke with Eric, said the rubber provider was unable to give an interview because he had to “deliver more condoms.”

With ennui setting in and Zika a real threat, it is not hard to think about reasons for extra precaution.

According to one inside source who somehow had access to the inside of the Games:

Our source continued, "For the most part, these athletes are protected and careful because the condom stock is endless. They are extra careful this year because of Zika."

And the thing is, according to our insider, athletes are usually hooking up with other athletes because of the Village's strict curfew rules.

"Many of the athletes prefer to meet other athletes on Tinder and other dating apps because that's easier, and then they do group dates with other athlete friends. Many of these women and men have been out of the dating game or never in the dating game before the Olympics, so it's a lot to take in for these athletes, especially after training so hard to be here."

In other related news: "Tinder Usage Spikes 129 Percent at Olympic Village in Rio".

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