Foreign worker does pull-up to 2nd floor to save crying toddler with head stuck on railing

This is why we used to do pull-ups for IPPT.

Belmont Lay | April 24, 2015, 02:47 AM

Update 2 (April 24, 4pm): According to SCDF, his actual name is Subramanian Shanmuganathan.

Update (April 24, 12:21pm): A reader of The Straits Times has identified the heroic foreign worker as Shammugun.

Dramatic scenes at Block 371, Jurong East Ave 1 on April 23, 2015, at around 1pm.

A clearly distressed toddler had his/ her head stuck in between the rails of the parapet and was crying for help as no one came to the toddler's aid from inside the house.

It appeared that there was no one home at that time as someone had gone upstairs to knock on the door.

Alvin Lim, who blogs at Alvinology -- where this story originated -- wrote:

According to him (Alvin's friend), an aunty was first to see the baby on the ledge and shouted and screamed for help. Two men tried to heave themselves up on the ledge to save the baby, but failed as they were not strong enough.

This commotion went on until one of the three foreign workers working on road repairs nearby responded to the shouts.

As can be seen from the video below, in one fluid moment, he heaved himself up the second floor and proceeded to save the day.

This is the video of the toddler in distress before anyone arrived to help:

Alvin has requested for information on the Good Samaritan foreign worker to step forward as he deserves a medal.

Foreign workers in Singapore have been in the news previously for their selfless acts.

In December 2014, a few foreign workers rescued a drowning cat from a drain that was flooding.

The year before, in December 2013, a foreign worker was caught on camera deterring rioters during the Little India riot.