Hey, remember when you cancelled a romantic date, on a romantic date (Feb 14) to book an impromptu staycation with your mother, without giving the person you made plans with any prior warning at all?

No? Well, then you’re not Lucille.

The story

The story begins with Lucille and the guy in question, we’ll call him Tom.

First, we’ll start with the buildup to the day.

There were a string of text messages between the Lucille and Tom, hashing out the details for the day itself.


lucille 2

lucille 3

They finally decided on a dinner and movie at Plaza Singapura.

But on the day itself, Tom went to the cinema, only to be left hanging, big time.

lucille 5x

When she did eventually reply, almost an hour after his last message, this was the reason she gave.

lucille 5

Apparently she had gone for an impromptu dinner, which would turn out to be an impromptu staycation later on.

So basically her reason for skipping out on the date without even bothering to cancel was that she was having a staycation with her mom.

Tom’s friend

Now this bothered Tom’s friend, we will call her Tom’s friend, to no end, who, in a Facebook post detailing the whole incident, expressed her reservations about Lucille’s story and the photo captions on her posts.

We’ll get back to the issue of the pictures later.

Here is their conversation.

lucille friendx

Even though Lucille apologised, the friend took issue with her claim that Tom had sprung it on her, or that he had been the one who planned it by himself.

Tom’s friend also questioned Lucille not calling, or texting Tom to inform him she was cancelling.

lucille friend 2x

Now that’s an easy one, Lucille had left her phone at home, and couldn’t do phone things like text, or call, or take pictures of food.

Which makes the next part a bit concerning.

lucille friend 3x

The pictures she kept referring to were these photos she had uploaded on Facebook.

lucille pic

lucille pic 2

That was 5 minutes after she had replied Tom.


Moral of the story?

Don’t plan impromptu staycations on Valentine’s Day, after making plans with someone else, and then not calling, or texting beforehand to cancel the date.

Also, don’t book last minute staycations on Valentine’s Day in general — it’s freaking expensive.


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