2 men, 9 women, aged 49-67, assisting police after unidentified substances found at Catholic Centre & Bible House

Police investigations are ongoing.

Fiona Tan | January 19, 2023, 01:10 AM

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Two men and nine women, aged between 49 and 67, are assisting with police investigations after unidentified substances were found one day apart at the Catholic Centre at Waterloo Street and Bible House at Armenian Street.

The Singapore police said in a statement on Jan. 18 night that both cases were linked based on their preliminary investigations.

Caught on CCTV

According to Today, the incident at the Catholic Centre on Jan. 18 was caught on closed-circuit television cameras.

From the recording, around seven or eight individuals, comprising males and females, alighted from two cars at around 2am on Jan. 18 and began scattering a powder-like substance and spraying an unknown liquid around the building.

Today reported that the faces of these individuals, as well as the car licence plates, were clearly visible in the CCTV footage.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told Mothership they were alerted to both incidents.

SCDF retrieved samples of the unknown substance from Armenian Street.

They conducted tests and said the substance appeared harmless.


On Jan. 17 morning, a white substance was found at the Bible House at Armenian Street.

The next day on Jan. 18 morning, an unidentified substance was also found around the Catholic Centre building at Waterloo Street.

A mysterious liquid had apparently been sprayed on its walls and foyer.

All of the building’s occupants were evacuated at about 10:30am.

Individuals were allowed to return to the Catholic Centre building after an hour later.

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