Taiwanese personality claims married S'pore Ah Ge once sent her 'inappropriate' request after a week of texting each other


Lee Wei Lin | November 04, 2022, 10:00 PM

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A Taiwanese TV personality and executive producer has claimed that a famous Singaporean actor once sent her messages which made her feel uncomfortable.

Peggy Pan, who is on the panel of Dee Hsu's talk show "Dee Girls Talk", shared her experience on a recent episode.

What happened

According to Pan, she was the executive producer for an advertorial which the Ah Ge was involved in.

After filming ended, she was "a bit surprised" when he asked to take a photo with her. She was taken aback as the roles are usually reversed.

Pan told him that she would send the photo to his manager to check if it was okay to post online.

However, he told her it would be not necessary, and requested that she send the snap to him instead.

Their conversations on WeChat, according to Pan, included "very weird messages" from him.

About after a week after they started communicating, he asked if she could send him a photo of her “bare face just before going to bed”.

Finding the request "inappropriate", Pan cut down on sending him messages.

She did not specify which year this incident happened.

"Quite famous"

Pan revealed a few things about the man:

  • He was married at the time
  • He was considered to be "quite famous" in Singapore
  • She referred to him as an “Yi Ge” (一哥), which is similar to what we’d call an Ah Ge.

Hsu asked if Pan was referring to Christopher Lee, and the latter clarified that she was not.

She explained:

“Christopher Lee was very popular [in Taiwan] later on. Before that, there was someone else who was famous.”


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