Don Don Donki launches new dine-in sushi concept at Jurong Point, mostly S$1-S$3 per piece

Plus points for west side.

Adelene Wee | November 18, 2022, 04:36 PM

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It's good news for all Singaporeans as our favourite Japanese supermarket Don Don Donki has opened its 14th outlet at Jurong Point.

Photo by Adelene Wee

However, this opening is made special by Sen Sen Sushi, Donki's made-to-order sushi concept that's coming to Singapore for the first time.

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

The 100-seater eatery is located at the entrance of the outlet.

Customers order through a form, collect a buzzer and get their sushi made on the spot.

You can choose to have it at the restaurant, or takeaway the sushi in a bento box.

Besides flexibility and freshness, the concept also prides itself on using the Koshiibuki rice variant from Niigata, which is milled in-house.

The grains are supposed to have a good balance of stickiness and sweetness, according to Donki.

Sen Sen Sushi's menu

Photo by Adelene Wee

The menu comprises more than 60 items, from nigiri sushi to hosomaki (small sushi rolls) and sushi sets.

There are seasonal items that will rotate throughout the year as well, such as:

  • Kinmedai (red snapper), S$2
  • Ma Aji (horse mackerel), S$1
  • Ryukyu Sugi (cobia), S$2
  • Sanma (pacific saury), S$1

Otherwise, prices start at S$0.80 for a piece of sushi.

Sushi sets are available from S$4.50 to S$20.80.

  • Honmaguro Set

    • Fatty Tuna, Medium Fatty Tuna, Leaner Tuna

  • Shiromi Set

    • Red Sea Bream, Amberjack, Yellowtail & Cobia

  • Salmon Set

    • Original Salmon, Aburi Salmon, Mentaimayo Salmon & Terimayo Salmon

  • Kai Set

    • Scallops, Surf Clams, Ark Shell & Shellfish

  • Ebi Trio

    • Boiled Shrimp, Sweet Shrimp & Red Shrimp

  • Sakura Sushi

    • Fatty Tuna, Medium Fatty Tuna, Leaner Tuna, Scallop, Yellowtail, Fresh Salmon, Ikura & Anago Eel

Unlike the usual fare that you'll get at sushi stores, do not expect to see sides like fried snacks, chawanmushi, or miso soup, as the menu at Sen Sen Sushi seems to veer towards fresh seafood.

What we ate

Photo by Adelene Wee

These are what we tried:

  • Wagyu Beef Negishio
  • O-toro & Uni
  • O-toro
  • Salmon Mentaimayo
  • Hotate
  • Ama Ebi
  • Terimayo Steamed Oyster
  • Fresh Uni
  • Anago

Video by Adelene Wee

We took the opportunity to try the viral Terimayo Steamed Oyster (S$2), which was fresh and had a mellow sweetness.

Video by Adelene Wee

Being the fattiest part of the tuna, the O-toro & Uni sushi (S$6) had a melt-in-the-mouth texture, and the sea urchin added a creamy mouthfeel to the whole thing. Nice.

Video by Adelene Wee

We enjoyed the grilled Wagyu Beef Negishio (S$6) too, which was tender with a strong smoky aftertaste.

Video by Adelene Wee

The Anago (S$4) features a huge piece of saltwater eel on a bed of sushi rice.

Our Verdict

Other sushi joints in Singapore tend to have a wider menu with appetisers, desserts and sides, while Sen Sen Sushi's main focus seems to be on doing sushi well.

We'll say that there will probably be a queue as this is a brilliant concept from the Japanese sushi chain, offering a variety of quality sushi a relatively pocket-friendly price.

This writer lives in the east, but thinks it's worth traveling to Jurong to experience the new concept.

Sen Sen Sushi @ Don Don Donki Jurong Point

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-09 Jurong Point, Singapore 648886

Opening hours for Don Don Donki: 9am - 11pm, daily

Opening hours for Sen Sen Sushi: 11am - 9pm, daily (last order at 9pm)

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Top image by Adelene Wee