Here’s how a few laid-back S’poreans organised a Halloween party without stepping out of our office

We’re not lazy. Just efficient.

| Adelene Wee | Sponsored | October 28, 2022, 12:25 PM

My colleagues and I were thinking of how to celebrate Halloween in the office when we recalled the trend where people dressed up in mundane costumes.

This seemed like a great idea as we were not willing to spend money to buy costumes we were only going to wear once.

Since what we had in mind was a “mundane” Halloween party, we decided to stick to the theme all the way — everything would be minimum effort, and maximum results.

Decorations first

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

Photo by Adelene Wee

foodpanda saves the day

After we were done with the decorations, it was time to get food. 

As we were determined to get everything ready without leaving the office, we took to foodpanda to order our food and other party essentials.

To demonstrate my outstanding leadership capabilities, I took on the role of organising the party.

Photo via foodpanda app

When I first opened the foodpanda app, I was wowed by all the different services there were.

After all, the noob in me had only used the food delivery option before.

In actual fact, the app also has the following features:

  • Pick-up - tapau and self-collect your meals
  • pandamart - get your grocery delivered to you in 30 minutes, 24/7 a day
  • Shops - a marketplace with thousands of brands available 
  • pandago - get your parcel delivered within 60 minutes
  • Dine-in - eat out and score guaranteed discounts

Tap away

I managed to order items like tissue paper, chips, chocolates, and drinks with pandamart slightly past 12pm.

To ensure variety, I ordered food from three different restaurants:

  • Maki-San (S$18.90)
  • Crave Nasi Lemak (S$18.10)
  • Pezzo Pizza (S$30.90)

The delivery fee was only S$0.99 for our food delivery orders, which also applies to other selected restaurants too.

I even got cream puffs from Beard Papa through foodpanda shops because I thought this would be a good way to bootlick my colleagues.

A good sport

As 2pm rolled around, it was time to get the party started.

Keeping to the agreed theme, my colleagues showed up in mundane outfits. 

My first colleague came in her pyjamas, sporting a work-from-home outfit: 

Photo by Adelene Wee

Our intern dressed up as an office lady, while my editor dressed up as a Gen Z pretending to be a millennial with Y2K fashion:

Photo by Adelene Wee

Another colleague dressed up in foodpanda ambassador Pau-Pau’s colours:

Photo by Adelene Wee

As you can see, she also has an actual bun in the oven.

While another two colleagues dressed up in retro-style and broccoli (I’m not convinced, but okay) respectively:

Photo by Adelene Wee

My final colleague dressed up as a skater girl and even brought her skateboard to the party:

Video by Adelene Wee

Extra 10 points for being so game.

At the end of the party, my colleagues were all gushing about how much they liked being able to celebrate Halloween without stepping out of the office.

After all, this was an excuse occasion for us to celebrate and spend some time together. 

Minimum effort, maximum results indeed.

The sponsored article by foodpanda gave this writer an excuse to plan a Halloween party in the office with her colleagues.

Top images via Adelene Wee.