The Japanese are winning at Halloween 2021 with 'mundane costumes' trend

Creativity 100.

Mandy How | November 01, 2021, 08:01 PM

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The Japanese have once again put their creativity to good use for Halloween this year.

Instead of cats and nurses, they are dressing up in "mundane costumes" that are elaborate in thought, rather than costume.

Also known as Jimi Halloween, the sub-culture dating back to 2014 requires celebrants to become everyday characters in niche yet relatable situations.

Here are some of the best ones, compiled by Twitter user @Johnny_suputama of Spoon and Tamago.

1. Person leaning in when turning a curve in Mario Kart

2. Person who got distracted by cellphone while decluttering

3. Person who accidentally took their glasses off with their mask

4. Cashier waiting for a customer to enter their PIN

5. Retro KTV MV that doesn't match the song at all

Following the tag also led us to discover more interesting entries:

6. Someone called by their family member during a Zoom call

7. Person who put too much in their plastic bag and realising it's torn

8. Person who mistook plastic bag for a cat

9. Plane passenger who missed her chance to throw her garbage

10. Self-explanatory, and also too much effort to be a mundane costume

The trend is not unique to Japan:

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Top image via @NendooMAN, @arai_kucam, and @purotein_oyazi on Twitter