‘Time heals all wounds’: Jayley Woo on getting over her past hurt & meeting the ‘right person’

She didn't want her family and friends to worry about her.

Lee Wei Lin | October 26, 2022, 09:55 AM

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Singapore actress Jayley Woo is engaged and has a baby on the way.

The 30-year-old has shared more details about her mysterious beau, their wedding plans and when their bundle of joy is due.

Registering marriage on her birthday

Woo announced their engagement on Oct. 23, which is her fiancé's birthday.

She has only revealed his surname as Tan, and that he works behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry.

During an episode of online entertainment series "#JustSwipeLah", she confirmed that they will be registering their marriage on the day she turns 31 -- Dec. 27, 2022.

The date was chosen by her father, as he feels that the family will be able to celebrate Woo's birthday, her wedding anniversary and Christmas on the same day.

"Time heals all wounds"

Admitting that she was once "very depressed" -- which was assumed by the producers of the series to be referring to her ex-boyfriend Aloysius Pang's death in 2019 -- Woo explained that "time heals all wounds".

"Those around me, my family and friends... They were very worried about me so I felt that I shouldn't let them down since they were so concerned about me," she said.

"I don't like to be sad because it's not good for the health. For those who have had their hearts hurt before, sort out your thoughts first, and in time to come, your chance to meet the right person will come. Just like me."

Introduced to fiancé by fellow actress Julie Tan

Woo also revealed that she was introduced to her fiancé by fellow actress Julie Tan.

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She described her beau as someone who's "grounded and mature", gives her a "sense of security", and "gets along very well with [her] family, especially [her] father".

He now has breakfast daily with Woo's parents.

Due to give birth in January

Woo confirmed that her estimated delivery date (EDD) is on Jan. 27, 2023.

Although she is still six months pregnant with their first child, her fiancé has started thinking of their next child, as he hopes to have a son too.

While he wants to have as many children as possible, Woo thinks that she will stop at two.

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