Rude Dior salesperson at ION Orchard deserves 2nd chance, shouldn't be 'canceled': Daryl Aiden Yow

He also thanked the other sales assistants who had been patient and professional with his parents.

Mandy How | October 18, 2022, 03:00 PM

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When influencer Daryl Aiden Yow called out a Dior sales assistant (SA) who had been incredibly rude to his mum, it sparked a conversation on the potentially condescending service at luxury stores.

Some shared their own shopping experiences, but others asked the 30-year-old to name and shame the offending saleswoman.

In two follow-up Instagram Stories, Yow provided updates on the situation, as well as shared further thoughts on the incident.

Doesn't want SA to lose her job

Yow said while he was glad that rude SAs are being highlighted, which will hopefully lead to better attitudes in the future, he also declined to reveal the particular SA's identity.

"[...] Yes, she did make a mistake, but she does not deserve to be harassed/canceled. [...] I do not wish for her to lose her job. I just wanted it to be a lesson for her to improve. Everyone deserves a second chance because I did get a second chance to do better too."

Slamming Dior as a brand was also not something he agreed with, as the incident had "very very little to do" with Dior as a brand, he added.

The influencer revealed that Dior has reached out to him as well, in order to investigate the issue. The luxury brand additionally assured him that the matter will be taken "very seriously".

Mothership has previously reached out to Dior and will update this article if they reply.

Thanking other SAs

Shortly after, Yow posted another Story on the topic, highlighting the SAs that had rendered excellent service to his mum.

This included one Ian M at Louis Vuitton ION Orchard, whom Yow's mum eventually made her purchase from.

In addition to his "patience and professionalism", the SA had also texted Yow's parents after their purchase as a form of follow-up.

Another SA at ION Orchard's Prada took the effort to chat with his parents and make them comfortable, despite being pregnant.

Lastly, a Yves Saint Laurent SA from the same mall was helpful with their budget, even bringing out more bags for Yow's mum when the ones on display were not suitable.

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Top image via Daryl Aiden Yow's Instagram page, Dior Singapore