Titus Low, 22 & Cheryl Chin, 21, announce they're having a baby 3 months after getting married

According to him, it wasn't a shotgun wedding.

Lee Wei Lin | September 21, 2022, 10:39 PM

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Titus Low, 22, and Cheryl Chin, 21 are apparently going to be parents.

They announced that they were married in June.

Baby on board

The couple have now publicly revealed the news of their impending parenthood on Sep. 21 via a YouTube video.

In it, Chin shared that she is three months pregnant. Low admitted that he was initially "shocked" at the news but is now "pretty excited" to see his child in a few months.

Screenshot from Titus & Cheryl's YouTube

Not a shotgun marriage

Low also clarified that they didn't get hitched because of the pregnancy.

"[She got pregnant] one month after [...] so I didn't marry her because she was pregnant," he said.

They thanked their followers for their support, and confirmed that they will be sharing more about their journey as young parents in the coming months.

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Top photos from Titus Low's Instagram & Titus & Cheryl's YouTube