'I actually thought my mum bought a soft toy': MacPherson resident surprised by hornbill perched among laundry

Surprise guest.

Ilyda Chua | September 23, 2022, 05:54 PM

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Doing the laundry might seem like rather a drab task for most of us.

But one hornbill decided to spice things up for a family in MacPherson.

Thought it was a soft toy

When Jolynn Khoo first saw the hornbill perched amidst the laundry on a bamboo pole on Sep. 14,  it took her a few seconds to realise it was a real bird.

"I actually thought my mum bought a soft toy and was hanging it out to dry after washing," she told Mothership.

The bird in question appeared to be chilling on the pole, glancing around, and at one point looking straight through the window.

Hornbill at Macpherson Hornbill chilling on bamboo pole. Video courtesy of Jolynn Khoo.

The polite hornbill didn't appear to touch the freshly-washed laundry, instead perching near the end of the pole.

"What a lucky day!" Khoo added.

Hornbill flying off Photo courtesy of Jolynn Khoo.

Other sightings

A species once believed to be almost locally extinct, the Oriental pied hornbills have been increasingly sighted in residential areas around Singapore in recent years, thanks to conservation efforts.

They're not always such considerate guests, though. In 2020, a hornbill stole a bra off an apartment balcony and promptly dropped it onto the road.

And in 2021, a hornbill was caught nabbing a pet bird out of a cage at a HDB block and eating it.

Top image courtesy of Jolynn Khoo.