I met Jackson Wang & found out that one of his fav childhood movies is 'I Not Stupid'

Also got to ask why he keeps wearing sunglasses indoors.

Fasiha Nazren | August 11, 2022, 10:42 AM

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If you've been reading Mothership the past week, you've probably seen the name "Jackson Wang" in our headlines a lot.

As a dedicated lifestyle writer, I wrote most of these articles and even went all the way to Changi Airport (from the west where I live) to report on the sea of fans that welcomed him.

Totally not because I have a personal agenda as a fan of K-pop boy group GOT7 since 2014, which Wang is a part of.

Also, if you're still commenting "Who is Jackson Wang?", please watch this video:

So when I was tasked to meet the man himself for a group interview on Aug. 10, I, of course, obliged.

Because, you know, it's my job... I definitely didn't gasp out loud after receiving this message from my supervisor...

Boss, if you're reading this: Look at the positive outlook I have towards my job.

So the day finally came for me to meet him at Marina Bay Sands' newly renovated Signature Suite.


Wang arrived slightly later than the arranged time, but apologised profusely to everyone in the room.

He looked every bit the international idol, dressed in black from head-to-toe and wearing a pair of shades, of course.

There were no airs about him, though, as he casually introduced himself and initiated small talk with the people in the room.

Here are some other thoughts I had:

"Oh wow, can he drop his skincare routine? His skin is flawless."

"Wah, he's taller than he looks in photos."

"Eh hello, you're here for work not to fangirl."

On that note, here are some things we talked about during the interview:

One of his favourite childhood movies is a Singaporean movie

And that is Jack Neo's "I Not Stupid".

This was a pleasantly random quip (for Neo especially, we imagine) from the singer, who mentioned it after he was asked to say a Singlish phrase during the interview.

In the same vein, the multi-hyphenate also said that he's now "ready to seek opportunities" in the acting world.

"One of the bigger reasons [I've not acted] is I feel like the film industry is [a different] industry from music. I feel like I can't just hop in. before I hop in, [I need to] get the respect of the industry... I need to prep myself to a certain degree, then I can start trying. So I've been prepping myself three to four years. Now I'm ready to seek opportunities, to try audition to shoot videos for the role."

Heads up, casting directors.

The real reason he wears sunglasses indoors

One of the frequently asked questions in our comment section is: why does Wang wear sunglasses indoors?

Yes, he was wearing a pair of shades during the interview too.

The cheeky artiste took off his sunglasses when asked about it and said: "I can take them off..."

Take a good look at his eyes. Photo by Fasiha Nazren.

On a more serious note, he explained: "I didn't use to do it... Recently, back in Korea, I had a shoot and then I hurt my eyes. Even LED lights it [feels] like looking straight into the sun."

Now you know.

He used to think MRT was a typo for MTR

In 2010, Wang was in Singapore as a fencer for the Youth Olympic Games.

Then 16, he admitted that he sneaked out to go to the Night Safari.

He also thought MRT was a typo:

"Back in where I used to grow up, it's called MTR and here it's called MRT. I thought they made a typo."

He loves butter crab

Not the national dish chilli crab, and for good reason: He's allergic to chilli.

He said: "Top on my list is butter crab because I can't take spicy. I'm allergic [to chilli]. It's just good. Some stuff you can't deny and it's my type, it's my style."

He also enjoys durian and Singaporean coffee.

He loves Singapore a lot

The 28-year-old who's in Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to feature refreshed destinations openly declared his love for us:

"I love Singapore more than they love me. That's a fact."

Hee hee.

Top image by Fasiha Nazren.

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