Dennis Chew claims his guest on paranormal variety show was almost possessed while filming


Lee Wei Lin | August 01, 2022, 07:07 PM

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Do you believe in the paranormal? Radio deejay Dennis Chew probably does.

The 48-year-old's latest variety series, "Mr Zhou’s Ghost Stories @ Singapore Sightings", sees him and his celebrity guests recounting supernatural encounters and visiting "haunted locations".

In the second instalment of the eight-episode series, multilingual comedian Das DD, along with ghost hunters Wisely and Lorenzo, visited an offshore island with Chew, and Lorenzo apparently was almost possessed.

From left: Lorenzo, Das, Chew, Wisely. Photo from Mediacorp

Ghost hunters' history with the island

Wisely and Lorenzo had visited the same location, which is next to a Chinese cemetery, on Oct. 31, 2015.

Along with two other friends, they had set up a Chinese Ouija board (also called die xian).

Lorenzo recalled feeling a "murderous aura" after they summoned the die xian spirit.

Wisely added that the other man appeared "fidgety", was "trembling" and that his head had "started shaking" after about five to 10 minutes.

Screenshot from Mediacorp

Sensing that something was wrong, Wisely called Lorenzo's name, but received no response.

"I felt like my body lost all its strength all of a sudden and my hands kept shaking," Lorenzo recalled. "I felt a little dizzy too."

Wisely added that Lorenzo's hand was "icy cold" and told the others that they had to stop the ceremony. However, Lorenzo was still "a little delirious", and Wisely said that he had been "trying to resist getting possessed".

The others tried their best to call out to Lorenzo, and he also knew that there was "something wrong".

Lorenzo recalled that there was young female voice calling out to an Alice, adding that he felt "heartbroken and angry" after hearing it.

He continued that he fought against the presence as he was "afraid that [he] would hurt the people around [him]" after feeling a "desire to harm others".

Déjà vu

While Lorenzo was telling his story for the cameras, Chew, Das and Wisely felt that something had gone awry.

Chew and Wisely recalled feeling a "presence" coming towards them, with the former claiming that a "very evil energy" was focused on Lorenzo.

Das also felt that there was someone behind him, but did not dare to turn around to look.

Wisely revealed that what they witnessed was similar to what happened back in 2015.

Photo from Mediacorp

Lorenzo would later recall feeling very cold, with the hair on his right arm, neck and back standing, and feeling like he "need[ed] to hurt someone" as he was "very angry".

At this point, Chew called for the entire team to leave the area.

Chew told Lorenzo to think of the sun, and the latter immediately felt better.

The deejay shared that Lorenzo was "stronger" than he was during his previous visit to the island, as he claimed to have felt the spirit "repeatedly trying to possess him".

"But Lorenzo was strong enough to stop it from getting its way," Chew continued. "If he had not [been determined enough], I think that the consequences would have been unimaginable."

Wisely explained:

"We were in the same place seven years ago and Lorenzo provoked a spirit.

Seven years later, we came back and the spirit was likely still there. As there was a previous connection, it, as [Chew] mentioned, went straight for [Lorenzo]."

Dennis Chew in less paranormal settings

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