Viral 'conversion clinic' on TikTok is actually 'LGBT-friendly' speakeasy on Neil Road

Now you know.

Lee Wei Lin | August 02, 2022, 09:01 PM

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Earlier this week, a TikTok video of what was apparently a conversion clinic went viral, with the uploader expressing outrage with: "Wth. How is this even allowed?!?!"

The post has garnered over 236,000 views.

@liveleaveleefu gotta be kidding me...♬ abcdefu - GAYLE

Outside the space was a price list which included a S$300 one-hour session, or a S$555 two-hour session of conversion therapy. The doctor's name is listed as Dr Son. S. Hoe.

Photo via Cheryl Chin's Instagram

According to the BBC, conversion therapy "tries to change someone's sexual orientation or gender identity", which entails "trying to stop or suppress someone from being gay, or from living as a different gender to their sex recorded at birth".

Not a clinic

After days of speculation, one of the owners of the Neil Road bar, Jasper Goh, has stepped forward to clear the air on what the "clinic" really is.

Goh confirmed in a series of Instagram stories that the Neil Conversion Clinic is "an LGBT friendly restaurant/bar that will be a safe space" for "curious kids and adults alike".

Photo via Jasper Goh's Instagram

Photo via Jasper Goh's Instagram

He added that there will be "no judgement (nor) fear, only fun".

The entrepreneur explained that the speakeasy's name was chosen as a "statement piece" and hopes that the space will be a "safe haven" for those who need support and love.

Police called after Titus Low spray-painted frontage

After the TikTok video went viral, OnlyFans creator Titus Low posted footage of himself spray-painting the exterior of the space.

@tituslowVisited Dr Son S Hoe earlier♬ original sound - Titus Low

Some questioned if Low spraying a giant "Fxxk you - Titus" was in violation of the law.

He has since clarified that he "decided to join in to advocate (...) the right to be yourself", and asked the public to stop calling the police.

Screenshot via Titus Low's Instagram

Goh confirmed they were aware of Low's actions, saying Low was simply "decorating" the front of the bar with his thoughts on someone trying to "get you to change who you really are".

The opening date for the bar will be announced "soon".

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