Single mum cried when she learnt son is wanted man who escaped S'pore with S$32 million

The woman singlehandedly raised him, but was apparently kept in the dark about his business dealings.

Fiona Tan | July 22, 2022, 03:06 AM

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Even more details have emerged about the wanted 26-year-old Singaporean man, Pi Jiapeng, who, alongside his wife, is accused of taking some S$32 million from others, but failed to deliver luxury goods to them.

Only child raised by a single mother

Pi Jiapeng is an only child, according to those who claim they are victims familiar with the matter, as reported by Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News (SMDN).

It was also revealed that he was raised by his single mother.

As a result, the mother and son were apparently extremely close, said another individual who claimed to be familiar with Pi's family.

Unaware about son's business dealings

While that may be the case, Pi's mother was apparently in the dark about her son's business dealings, reported SMDN.

She only found out that her son was currently embroiled in a luxury goods fiasco recently, after the same individual who claimed to be familiar with Pi's family went knocking on her door.

Pi and his 27-year-old Thai wife, Pansuk Siriwipa, allegedly took more than S$32 million dollars from some 200 people.

Image from Mothership reader.

Cried after learning about luxury goods fiasco

These individuals had made advance payment to the couple, who was supposed to procure luxury goods on their behalf, but the orders were not fulfilled and the husband-and-wife duo disappeared shortly after.

Those affected have banded together and formed group chats on messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

One of the victims had gone to look for Pi at his mother's residence and told the WhatsApp group about what happened.

The victim corroborated the other person's claims and told the chat group that Pi's mother appeared to be clueless and was weeping.

Pi an ex-shoe salesman who met Thai wife on dating app

Pi reportedly came from a humble background and was working as a shoe salesman.

He went from rags to riches after he met Siriwipa on a dating app.

She was reportedly relatively more well-to-do than Pi and bought him a McLaren, it was previously reported.

Image from Mothership reader.

Couple fled country, wanted by police and Interpol

The couple were without their passports when they fled Singapore by hiding in a lorry's container compartment on Jul. 4.

They reportedly entered Malaysia via Tuas Checkpoint and are apparently in Thailand currently.

The Singapore police is working closely with its foreign law enforcement counterparts to trace the couple and the criminal proceeds.

Image from Singapore Police Force website.

Warrants for their arrest and Interpol red notices have also been issued against the couple.

Details of the couple have been listed on the Interpol red notice website.

According to Interpol, Pi was born in Fujian, China on Aug. 15, 1995.

Siriwipa was born in Roi Et, a province in central northeastern Thailand, on Oct. 16, 1994. She is 1.64m tall.

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