McDonald's S'pore: Pulut hitam pie, teh c frappé, laksa burgers available from July 28, 2022


Mandy How | July 27, 2022, 11:01 AM

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The upcoming laksa burger is no secret, but McDonald's has announced two other new items for this year's National Day menu.

Expect a local spin on the line-up, of course, which is available from July 28, 2022 at all outlets for a limited time.

You can also get them delivered via McDelivery, GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Laksa burgers

This comes in two forms: the Laksa Delight Prawn Burger and the Laksa Delight Chicken Burger.

Prices start from S$7.40 à la carte, or S$9.10 for an Extra Value Meal.

The former features a crisp prawn patty topped with creamy laksa sauce, purple cabbage slaw and egg between two lightly-toasted butter buns.

Photo via McDonald's Singapore

The chicken version is identical save for its protein, which uses chicken patty instead (deep fried too, from the looks of it).

Photo via McDonald's Singapore

Teh C Frappé

Photo via McDonald's Singapore

The Teh C Frappé is, well teh c topped with chocolate powder and a "mild touch" of freshly whipped cream.

It goes from S$4.50 for a small-sized drink and S$5 for a medium.

Pulut Hitam Pie

Photo via McDonald's Singapore

Similar to its dessert counterpart, the pie is made with purple sticky rice coconut cream for its filling, encased by the usual pastry shell.

McDonald's recommends dunking it in vanilla soft serve.

Laksa Delight Feast

Photo via McDonald's Singapore

Priced from S$10.80, the Laksa Delight Feast consists of a Laksa Delight Burger, medium fries, Pulut Hitam Pie, and a Coke.

No teh c frappé. Hmm.

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Top photo via McDonald's Singapore