Woman who ripped licence plate off didn't dare leave house for 2 days, got nearly 100 unknown messages & calls

Some of the messages were threatening.

Fiona Tan | July 12, 2022, 06:46 PM

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The woman who recently plucked the licence plate off of a Toyota Alphard at Tuas Second Link said she has not stepped out of her house in two days.

Did not dare leave her house

Since the Jul. 9 incident, which has gone viral, information related to the woman and her family have emerged and is still circulating online.

As a result, the woman said she has received nearly 100 messages and calls from unknown people on Facebook, according to Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) on Jul. 12.

Some of these messages were reportedly of a threatening nature and one of them read: "Do not let me run into you outside."

The woman told SMDN that she did not dare leave her house and has been staying at home for the past two days.

While she is unsure if the unknown messages and calls carry any actual weight, she said she has decided to be safe rather than sorry for the time being.

She has also deactivated her messaging function on Facebook.

Police report lodged

The woman said she has lodged a police report for the doxxing that she and her family members are experiencing.

Separately, the police told SMDN that both the woman and Alphard driver have lodged their respective police reports relating to the incident.

The woman said she will go to Malaysia to speak with the police at a more suitable time after the controversy has died down.

She added that she has seen a doctor for her injuries and that the wounds on her upper thighs are recovering.

The wounds were allegedly the result of her blocking the Alphard as it continued to move forward.

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Top image screenshot from SG Road Vigilante/Facebook & Shin Min Dail News