New chicken ham & egg breakfast burger at McDonald's S'pore from July 28, 2022

This is my 3rd McDonald's article in a row.

Mandy How | July 28, 2022, 02:48 AM

[Update on July 29, 11am: This article has been updated with more information from McDonald's.]

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McDonald's R&D team has been real busy.

Besides the four new items for National Day 2022, a new Chicken Ham & Egg Breakfast Burger will also be released on July 28.

Not much is known about it, as only a short teaser has been released on McDonald's social media pages so far.

From the singular photo of it online, it seems like a different bun other than the usual muffin makes up the carb component.

Photo via McDonald's Singapore's Facebook page

It's been described as savoury, umami, crispy, and fluffy, although we can't quite place where the "crispy" and "fluffy" come from at the moment.

There's also no word on whether it will be a permanent or limited time item, but a McDonald's spokesperson has since clarified that it is the latter.

The spokesperson has also provided additional details: it's cornmeal buns you're looking at, and there's also garlic dressing in the burger.

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Top photo via McDonald's, Peifeng Qiu/Google Maps

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