S'pore approves Indonesia as new source for chicken imports

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Fiona Tan | June 30, 2022, 05:52 PM

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The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has approved Indonesia as a new source for the import of chicken.

Three establishments in Indonesia identified

The range of chicken includes frozen, chilled and heat processed chicken meat and chicken meat products, according to SFA's media release on Jun. 30.

However, chicken can only be imported from SFA accredited establishments.

So far, it has approved of chicken products from three establishments in Indonesia and they are:

  • PT. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia – Food Division for frozen chicken and cuts;
  • PT. Ciomas Adisatwa – Plant Pemalang for frozen chicken and cuts; and
  • PT. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia, TBK for heat processed chicken meat products

Separately in a Jun. 30 Facebook post, SFA said chicken export sources – individual establishments and farms – have been evaluated with an "accreditation assessment involves detailed documentary evaluations and on-site audits for verification".

It was reported previously that an SFA team had been deployed to inspect several farms, slaughterhouses and processing facilities in Indonesia.

Sources found equipped with the required systems, processes and capabilities to supply chicken that can meet Singapore's food safety and animal health standards will receive SFA's approval and accreditation.

Chickens can then be exported from these SFA accredited sources, and the agency will inspect and sample consignments of these exports.


With this, Indonesia will now enter a list of over 20 countries which has been approved to export chicken to Singapore.

SFA said: "Having a new source for imports of frozen, chilled, heat processed chicken meat and chicken meat products is another step forward in SFA’s efforts towards diversifying food supply sources and enhancing the resilience of Singapore’s food supplies."

You can see SFA's Facebook post below:

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