Jerry Yan, 45, looks like he has not aged in new, viral pictures dressed as Meteor Garden's Dao Ming Si

Man needs to drop his skincare routine stat.

Fiona Tan | May 21, 2022, 05:34 PM

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It turns out that 45-year-old Jerry Yan looks exactly like 23-year-old Jerry Yan. Well, almost.

Déjà vu

Here's some major throwback.

Yan played Dao Ming Si who was the male protagonist in the 2001 cultural phenomenon and television hit series Meteor Garden.

While the television series may be 21 years old now, Yan appears not to have aged at all.

Image from F4 Original-2001/Facebook.

Fast forward to 2022, the Taiwanese actor and F4 singer was recently pictured dressed and looking exactly like Dao Ming Si.

In a series of photographs, Yan can be seen spotting his signature wavy long hair and red bandanna.

The pictures have now gone viral and spread like wildfire on Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo.

Image from JNB (Jerry Yan and Barbie Hsu)/Facebook.

Image circulating on Weibo.

According to online sources, he was dressed like this for the filming of Chinese variety show "The Detectives’ Adventure".

Other "F4 members" also made an appearance and were seen on set during filming, except they were played by other actors.

Image circulating on Weibo.

Here's a closer look at the 2022 "F4" cast:

Image circulating on Weibo.

Meteor Garden reunion?

Other photos from the set of "The Detectives’ Adventure" have since emerged and made its rounds on Weibo.

Shan Cai, the female protagonist and Dao Ming Si's love interest in Meteor Garden, who was played by Barbie Hsu, was also seen on set.

However, Hsu's character will be taken over by Hong Kong based model and actress Angelababy, who was spotted with Shan Cai's long and straight jet black hair.

With this many Meteor Garden characters on set, it is too unlikely to be merely a coincidence, and many are left wondering if a reunion is possibly in the works.

Image circulating on Weibo.

Image circulating on Weibo.

Whatever it is, Yan needs to share his skincare routine and the secrets to his agelessness pronto.

That, or share with us his time machine.

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Top image from Weibo and F4 Original-2001/Facebook