Dennis Chew: Younger classmate can brag to mum he taught DJ how to use MacBook

Amongst Chew's classmates is a student who is a fan of Auntie Lucy.

Karen Lui | May 12, 2022, 04:00 PM

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Not many people could brag that they're classmates with radio deejay Dennis Chew, let alone have the opportunity to teach him how to use a MacBook.

On this episode of Mediacorp's bite-sized series #justswipelah, host Jernelle Oh caught up with the 49-year-old full-time student during his second week at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

Chew and classmates

Besides believing that the chance to study would make his life more exciting, Chew also revealed that he wanted to better understand what youths want and guide him to create appropriate content for such a target audience.

Although Chew claimed he was still getting to know his classmates in his second week, he seemed to be quite acquainted with a number of them in the video.

If you're wondering what type of student Chew is, he identifies as the "more kiasu" type.

Chew and his teammate, Angela, had already completed the assignment prior to the photoshoot with the rest of the class.

Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

This means that they can focus more on practicing how to use the camera, which Chew believes is also very important.

Angela revealed that while Chew has approached her for help with schoolwork, she's the one who asks him for help most of the time.

"Initially, I didn't know how to use the ISO [function on the camera] and he taught me [how to use it]," she said.

Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

In response, Chew maintained that he's also not very familiar with it and is still slowly exploring how to use it.

Nonetheless, he enjoys and cherishes this experience of mutual learning with his schoolmates.

Angela subsequently shared that her first encounter with Chew as a classmate was on a Zoom video call.

She said she initially thought it was a prank by a senior who was using a green screen.

It was only when Chew started speaking and introducing himself that she became convinced it was really him and started laughing.

Chew also candidly shared that he didn't really know how to use a MacBook but managed to seek help from his classmates who were very willing to teach him.

One of them even bragged to his mother that Chew had asked him for help, Chew said jokingly.

Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

A student who adored Auntie Lucy (one of Chew's alter-egos) appeared excited to be classmates with him.

Chew's classmate who is a fan of Auntie Lucy re-enacts her iconic line. Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

Oh also interviewed two students about their thoughts on having Chew as a classmate.

One questioned, "Is he a guest?" as she did not expect him to join their class.

There might be "a little generation gap" between them and Chew, she said.

Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

The second one said she has seen his shows, naming "118" as a show she enjoyed.

She also revealed that her parents are fans of Chew, especially her mother who likes him a lot.

Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

A third student shared that she has watched his shows since she was young.

She also noted that Chew is very friendly and often makes his classmates laugh in class.

Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

Module exemptions

As a veteran artiste who has amassed a wealth of experience in the Chinese media industry, it's no surprise that Chew is exempted from some modules.

The radio deejay said he will still be taking the Radio Production module as he can understand more about it and use it as a refresher as he had not done radio production in a while.

However, he will not be taking the Presentation module as he feels that it would not be fair to the other students if he takes that course.

Chew said he hopes he need not take the Health and Wellness class.

Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

According to NP's website, Health and Wellness is an interdisciplinary studies module for Year 1 students that involves "basic sports skill acquisition" and "a variety of sports electives".

Entertaining people

Chew's experience in the media industry also allowed him to better understand and relate to what his teachers say about the media industry.

For example, Chew shared an instance when a student had asked the teacher, "Teacher, do you have an idol? What type of entertainment do you usually like?"

Screenshot via Mediacorp's YouTube page.

"As a media professional, your job is about how to entertain people," the teacher responded.

The teacher's reply deeply resonated with Chew who nodded in agreement as he got a little teary-eyed.

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